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Mother of All Smokescreens

Partitioning of Palestine

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" . . . John Rose, author of `The Myths of Zionism,`
who said the Jews were not natural allies of Zionism.
He said that many Jews were active in the Russian revolution. Balfour who was a member of the war cabinet at the time of the First World War made Britain’s notorious Balfour Declaration.
Balfour held that Zionism could help the British Empire.
Ironically Balfour was no friend of the Jews, he did not want
Jews in Britain but wanted them in a new state.
 The first main sponsor of Israel was France because
Egypt was supporting the resistance in Algeria and
France gave Israel its nuclear technology.
Since the 1967 war the US has been Israel’s main
beneficiary. Israel was seen as a warship by the
United States, which has given more than $100 billion
to Israel.
No other client state of America has received this amount of money.
Some in Europe had seen President Clinton as a friend of the Palestinians but this is untrue. The number of Israeli settlers doubled after the Oslo deal and the theft of water continued with the Israelis getting five sixths of the water in the West Bank.
He finished by saying to loud applause that Zionism had to be either dismantled or overthrown.